Leak Detection

If you can smell gas, or you suspect that you have a gas leak, then call us straight away.

Using modern technology, we can find the source of your gas leak, and then take action to fix the leak. Our professional tradespeople are experts in gas leak detection, so we will get to the source of the problem quickly and economically.

We also have an emergency service available.

If your suspect that there is gas leaking from any appliances such as a gas heater or pipes, or the gas meter, then turn off all of the gas appliances in the house, and ask Pro Spec Plumbing & Gas how to turn off the gas meter at the mains. Your safety is our primary concern.

Once the Gas leak has been detected then we can make sure that the gas leak is fixed correctly, so there is no remaining gas leak. After the repair to the gas leak has been performed we will then perform a gas leak test, to make sure that the leak no longer exists.

Gas leaks can occur in many areas, including the joins, corroded or broken gas lines. Our gas detection equipment will find the leak in any of these areas, and we can then begin repairing the gas leak.


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