Blocked Drains

If you think you have a blocked drain in your home it’s time to give ProSpec a call today.

A blocked drain needs attending to as soon as possible, otherwise it could wreak havoc in other areas of your home. Signs of a blocked drain include smelly odours, slow draining water in the sink or bathtub, or the water in the toilet being sucked back too quickly.

Blocked drains happen for the following reasons:

  • Food scraps, oils and fats in the sink
  • Hair, soap scum and conditioners in the shower
  • Baby wipes, nappies or sanitary products in the toilet
  • Tree roots, garden waste and general rubbish getting onto stormwater drains

Waste water eventually makes its way into the city sewer system to be treated. If there are obstructions however, it can end up in your foundations and cause dampness and swelling, which encourage cracks in the walls of your home.

We can handle any plumbing job

ProSpec Plumbing & Gas are equipped with the right tools to find the cause of blocked drains on the spot. We will do electric & hydrojet drain cleaning, pipe relining and will conduct CCTV camera inspections when required to ensure we can fix your problem.


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