Hot Water Maintenance & Repairs

No hot water? Cold shower? There’s nothing worse than not having Hot Water when you really need it!

Pro Spec Plumbing & Gas provides fast and efficient solutions for all hot water problems, and for all types of appliances. Our licensed plumbers will quickly identify and repair your hot water issues.  We carry a large range of spare parts in our vans meaning we can fix most problems the same day.

Over time your hot water system will deteriorate.

Most units have a lifetime of approximately 5-10 years and during this time parts will become worn or need to be replaced. If your hot water storage tank is equipped with a sacrificial anode you should look at having this replaced at least every 5 years to maintain optimum performance.

If you experience problems with your hot water heater such us;

  • No hot water
  • Gas pilot light won’t stay lit
  • Clanging noises coming from the hot water tank
  • Discoloured water
  • A pressure drop or fluctuations in your water
  • Leaking from the base of your hot water tank
  • A burst hot water heater

Call us straight away and we can help you.


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